Blue butterflies and synchronicity

blue butterfly


This moment will never come again.

Thomas Merton


The following summer after my dad had died, my husband, sister and I rented a cottage on the beautiful Lake Huron. We had rented this cottage in the past and it always felt like returning home. Have you noticed how often that happens in life – you walk into a room or a space and it just feels like home. For me, if there is water close by or if I can hear birds chirping, I know that I am home.

Our morning routine is as follows: Rise early before the sun does, open all the windows, put the coffee on, set up the chairs on the front verandah – and wait…for the sun to rise and for the little community to awaken.  It’s magical.

After coffee and our green smoothies, my sister and I take a long walk. One sunny morning as we walked, we both spied a blue Monarch butterfly, or at least we thought it was a Monarch. We were thrilled, but puzzled. Aren’t Monarchs orange and black? This one was blue and black.

Later my husband joked that the fact that we even noticed the butterfly was the true miracle, since we tend to talk as we walk. And talk. And talk.

The butterfly, an iridescent blue, glimmered in the sunlight and it stopped us in our tracks. When we stopped, so did the butterfly.

So, we began to walk, and the butterfly moved also. In fact, strangely, the butterfly followed our movements. When we sat on the gravel road, the butterfly landed and became still.

We played this game for about twenty minutes…and all the while when we moved, our butterfly moved; when we became still, our butterfly became still.

Eventually, we returned to the cottage. (The butterfly did not.)

Later we researched our butterfly and although I would like to tell you that it was the Blue Morpho from the rain forests of South America, alas! – it was not.  But it was not listed in  the book of butterflies in the cottage, and so we can only surmise that it might have been a Limenitis Arthemis Astyanax. But, I’m guessing.

As you can imagine, the blue butterfly has become a special sign for my sister and I – one that we cherish to this day. We honestly feel that it was my father’s spirit following us that hot August day.  (And later I learned that blue butterflies symbolize change and joy. And didn’t I write in my last blog that my word for that year was change!)

The story doesn’t end there, though. Since then I have witnessed many strange encounters with my blue butterfly and often out of the blue I will sight one. The very day that we returned home from the cottage, we stopped at our local tourism office to pick up maps. As I entered the lobby of the office, there were display cases and I went over to view them. Lo, and behold, inside the display case were blue butterfly specimens from all over the world, and my butterfly was one of them!  Iridescent blue, edged in black!

Since that butterfly sighting, I have experienced synchronicity many times: One day I went shopping for a journal (a gift for my sister) and I was rooting through a pile of books on a table when suddenly one dropped to the floor and landed at my feet – a book with a blue butterfly on the cover. (Yes, I bought it!)

Another time I was browsing for a library book and a book (literally) fell off the shelf in front of me. I picked it up to replace it and yes!…it was a book about the Blue Morpho (blue butterflies in South America).

On another occasion we were at the hospital in a room during an assessment on my mother’s state of mind, when I looked up and could see a bulletin board at the far side of the room and at closer scrutiny, I recognized that blue fabric butterflies were stapled to the bulletin board. I knew immediately that the assessment would go well.

I believe in synchronicity:  when it seems that the Universe is trying to tell me something, and so events begin to happen, over and over.

Do I know what that means? Not really. But I have enough trust in the Universe to assume that it means something; that it matters.

And it gives me joy. And that is enough.





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