‘Sit. Stay. Heal.’ Pema Chodron

Sit. Stay. Heal.    Pema Chodron

Our meditation teacher once told us that we can all learn a lot from dogs when it comes to living a life of joy – which comes from living in the present.

Observe them. Dogs eat when they are hungry, drink when thirsty, nap when tired, stretch when they awake, and play when they are frisky. In other words, dogs live in the moment.

In Pema Chodron’s book Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears, the American Tibetan Buddhist nun, speaks of living in the moment, finding stillness within, and healing our wounds. Healing is the way to finding ourselves and most importantly, loving ourselves.

Pema tells a story about her friend who gave her a gift – a chain that holds a dog tag that is inscribed: SIT. STAY. HEAL.

The gift is a reminder that to be whole, first we must sit still and feel or experience our emotions or unease.

I am reminded of our beloved pets, dogs – they always are whole (and so full of love).

A few days ago I fell on some black ice…I am typing this with one finger. I am truly in the moment because it is taking all of my concentration to hit the correct keys.

Since my injury I am meditating more (on wellness and acceptance and gratitude) and I am present more. One needs to be fully present to dress, bathe, and even to turn a page of a book. (Which is why Kobos and Kindles were invented!)

I’m not one to sit too long without a purpose…so I am fairly certain that the next six weeks of healing  are going to be a gift – to me.

If I become more comfortable sitting still, I will be grateful for that alone.

And if the only thing I learn is how to type faster with one finger – well, that, too, is okay.

It’s all good.


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