In our sadness, we look for gifts

This week we learned that our friend has received some news from the doctor about his cancer. His cancer has metastasized. We struggle with the news, slowly try to process it.  After a few days I invite our friend’s wife out for lunch in a quiet restaurant to talk (away from home)…I wanted to give her my presence so that she could vent and cry. Two things are important now – talking and listening.

But I have underestimated my friend’s strength and wisdom because as soon as we are seated at a table, to my surprise, she handed me a piece of paper with the following poem. She wasn’t sure who the author was but I Googled it and found a woman’s name, Sue Rogge. (I apologize if I have not credited the correct author.)

We are all born to a world of change,
Though we may never know why.
We grow and learn, despair, rejoice,
Wonder, and laugh, and cry…
And the days fly by.
And some look back with little more
Than regret and a wistful sigh,
Or worry their way toward the future,
Or do their best to deny…
That the days fly by.
Each moment in time is a gift that comes
And goes in the blink of an eye.
We question, as always, the meaning of life,
And “to live” is the only reply.
So let’s celebrate us in the here and now –
May we live as well as life will allow,
And may our spirits be ever high,
So they, too, fly…
As the days fly by.      Sue Rogge

And just so you know, we do talk. And she did vent. And we both shed some tears.

Talking and listening. Both are gifts that we share.


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