I want to do the happy dance!

You are amazing!

Recently I read that there are now 60 plus million blogs on WordPress and 14 plus million WordPress.com sites now on the Internet. (Source: http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/field-notes-wine-tourism-conference-2015/marjorie-presenting/)

Sixty plus million blogs!

Further, WordPress statistics inform us that 409 million people are reading 20 billion pages each month!

Those numbers mean nothing to me…they do not compute. I cannot even begin to comprehend such numbers. But I do know this: there are not even 60 million people in my country, Canada, where I write. (Canada’s population is about 36 million.)

This I do understand: Sixty million is an ocean of words; an ocean of creativity; an ocean of beautiful and evocative thoughts and musings.

And I am a part of this ocean.

When I was much younger, those numbers would have intimidated me and I would have convinced myself that the other sixty million (minus me) were more articulate, eloquent, smarter. I allowed a lot of subconscious fears to manage my daily offerings. I am fairly certain that fear of sixty million blog comparisons would have ruined me.  I would have stopped writing.

But a funny thing happens on the way to…well, maturity? – wisdom, creativity, awareness, expansiveness…all gifts that I have picked up along my journey. And I am wise enough today to recognize that those gifts are inherent within all of us – whether we discover them, or not. (It seems to be a human frailty to lack this awareness when we are young.)

So today I read those statistics and I want to cheer, to pump my fist in the air, and to dance the happy dance – Yes, we are all in this together, trying to make sense of our individual worlds, yet coming together in this great collective blogosphere. 

Sixty million plus blogs. Millions of writers. Millions of creative souls. Millions of writers who want to make a difference in the world. And millions of writers who just write because they want to write.

I’m awestruck!






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