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Are you caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or another dementia-related disease? Are you worried that a parent or someone else that you love has a dementia-related disease? Are you struggling with difficult decisions:

  • What are the symptoms of early stage Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Should my parent be left alone in their home?
  • When should my parent go into a Long-Term Care Facility?
  • Who can I turn to for support and information?
  • How do I navigate this journey of uncertainty?
  • I’m feeling sad and mad…is that normal?

I have written an ebook – a free downloadable book – that describes my journey of caring for my parents – both who had (have) Alzheimer’s. My father died in 2010; my mother is living in a Long-term Care Facility today.

I wrote The Gifts That We Share – Caring For My Parents With Alzheimer’s because I wanted to share my experience and the lessons that I learned along my journey (I call them gifts) with others who might be struggling as I did when I began this journey.  My journey still continues and everyday I learn something new when I visit my mother in her new home. We laugh and we cry; but after each visit, I know that my heart and my mind expands.

If we can change our minds, our hearts and our expectations when we begin this journey of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s (or a dementia-related disease), we can not only transform ourselves…we can transform the relationship with our loved one. We can find peace and comfort and yes, joy, throughout the journey.

I hope that you find information, support and comfort in my words and know that you are not alone – that we are all connected.

Download this ebook The Gifts That We Share – Caring For My Parents With Alzheimer’s here (it’s free):

Right click on the following:




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